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Mochi Mocchiato is a recurring minor antagonist in the cartoon series, Sushi Pack. She is the only female member in a group of evil sushi, known as 'The Legion of Lowtide'. She has a large role in the Sushi Pack episode, Deep Freeze, where she pretends to befriend Maguro Maki of the Sushi Pack and tries to bring them down.

(Personality) Although evil and capable of betrayal, she acts kind of cute and is the most innocent of the Legion of Lowtide, yet she has a dark side, exposed whenever the Legion of Lowtide get into fights with the Sushi Pack. Her superpower is being able to freeze enemies in their tracks.

(Appearance) She is a small green ice cream ball coated with rice on a skinny blue ice body. She has a green ponytail with an orange ponytail holder and she has visible black eyelashes.


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