Moanica D'Kay is the main antagonist of the Monster High franchise, following it's reboot in the film Welcome to Monster High.


She lives in a cemetary with her family. She hate normies (humans) since she and other monsters have been forced to hide in the shadows for centuries. She has a group of zomboy minions. Unlike the other monsters, she doesn't see the equality between them and the normies, so she wants to destroy all of the normies and take everything. After she was defeated by the ghouls, she promised that she will take her revenge and someday put an end to Monster High.

In Monster High: Electrified, when Clawdeen decides to open her beauty salon, during a humanology class Moanica learns that all normies are afraid of the dark, so her and her zomboys decide again to create chaos. Again, the ghouls find a way to stop with the help of an electric monster named Znap.




  • Her name is a play on words, between the word "moan" and the name Monica. Her surname is also a pun, as the sound resembles the word "decay", the rotting process of a body or an object.
  • After the Monster High franchise is rebooted, Moanica fills the position of the primary antagonist and is the only character to be so during more than film.
  • She is similar to Sunset Shimmer:
    • Both are teenage girls who are mischievous and are saboteurs and are bullies to the main heroines and were punished for it
    • Both have bumbling sidekicks:
      • Moanica and the Zomboys; Sunset Shimmer and Snips & Snails
  • However, unlike Sunset Shimmer, Moanica did not reform