~ Mizzter Blizzard

Mizzter Blizzard is the boss encountered in World 4 in the game Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


Mizzter Blizzard used to be a normal Mr. Blizzard who had the tragic destiny of melting because of the spring coming. Mr. Blizzard wished to the Sticker Star to be able to not melt. When Bowser touched the Sticker Star and split the Royal Stickers up, the blue Royal Sticker fell on him when he was about to die. Mizzter Blizzard was revived but got the body of the Bowser Snow Statue. In the final level of World 4, Mario faces Mizzter Blizzard, who will try to either stomp Mario or use his Ice Breath which can also freeze Mario during the battle. The proof of him getting wounded is when his statue form decreases in size from receiving enough damage from Mario throughout the battle.

Once his statue form is destroyed, Mizzter Blizzard will reveal his true snow form to start to attack Mario with snowballs which Mario can block. After being defeated, Mizzter Blizzard apologizes to Mario for what he did, revealing that he made a wish to the Sticker Star to not melt and be stable even when spring came. After saying that, Mizzter Blizzard collapses and tells Mario from the sky to make the promise to build him again next winter so they can meet once more.


Mizzter Blizzard

Mizzter Blizzard