Mizuki Himeji is one of the two main characters (along with Akihisa Yoshii) in the manga and anime Baka and Test. She is a long pink-haired girl with purple eyes and giant breasts. In the anime, she was voiced by Hitomi Harada in Japanese and English Dubbed by Alexis Tipton. 

When Mizuki and Akihisa went to the same elementary school, she delovoped a huge crush on him due to his thoughtfulness. Years later, while trying to complete her placement exam, Mizuki was too sick to do anything. Because of that, she ended up in Class F. 

Antagonistic Side

Despite being shy, timid, and innocent, Mizuki has done a few antagonistic things toward her friends.

  • She (along with Minami) would often threaten Akihisa everytime he was involved in something involving girls, like dirty magizines.
  • She (along with Shouko) forced Akihisa and Yuji to finish playing a card game while making them take their clothes off. She also did something to Hideyoshi and Kota just before then.
  • Would often take embarrassing pictures and put them up on the internet.
  • Made a bunch of her guy friends enter a beauty pageant.