Mizo is a crime lord and the main antagonist of Jak X: Combat Racing.


Early life

Mizo had a father and a family at Kras City. He grew obsessed with the sport known as combat racing, like his father. His father vowed that the both of them will own the "whole damn sport". However, Mizo was heavily focused on racing instead of his family. During one of the races, Mizo killed his father and became a crime lord.

Crime Lord

Mizo was a very notorious crime lord and was the rival of Haven City crime lord Krew.

The Big Race

Mizo dressed up as an announcer by the name of G.T. Blitz to hide his true identity until the final race.

Final Moments And Death

Mizo got into a crash and told Jak about how he killed his father. Jak left and Mizo said to him, "You have a habit of leaving people to die, don't you?" Mizo knew that his rival was killed by Jak. Mizo was killed in a fiery explosion.


Mizo is cold-hearted and power hungry about being the best crime lord of Kras City.


  • Voiced by Phil LaMarr of MADtv fame who voices Count Veger.