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Mizar is the main antagonist of jet force gemini.

Jet force gemini logo

mizar in front of the jet force gemini logo.

he is first seen when juno wonders what is going on when he returns to mizar's palace. he greets juno wondering what he is doing in there. juno takes out his machine gun, but mizar laughs at it for being small. he takes out a heavy star, and launches it to juno. and he laughs evily and walks away. he is seen the second time when juno vela and lupus confront him. lupus makes across blue fire and battles him. mizar gets defeated, but wakes up and gets revenge on the team. he is third seen when watching happy tribals playing. then he destroys his computer, and makes an asteroid to gem quarry. he is last seen when he pops up to juno. and vela and lupus come to help juno but throws heavy stars at lupus and vela (except juno). juno takes his tri rocket launcher out and the fight begins. his final scene is where he gets electrocuted, and his head comes off to reveal barry.


  • he has many attacks:
    • laser eyes (easy to avoid)
    • green breath
    • flying meteorites (use machine gun to shoot the asteroids)
    • electric hand (hard to avoid)
    • and a explosive claw.
  • the way he pops up out of nowhere infront of juno is a reference when a scuba diver pops up infront of nemo and marlin from finding nemo.
    Jet Force Gemini final boss Mizar04:24

    Jet Force Gemini final boss Mizar

    the final battle a.k.a juno vs mizar

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