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Sengoku Basara 4 Mitsunari Ishida
Lord Hideyoshi, grant me the cruelty to make them suffer!
~ Mitsunari Ishida
In the Sengoku BASARA universe, Mitsunari Ishida was a once loyal Toyotomi servant gone insane for revenge. His hatred and desire for the death of Ieyasu blinds him of what Hideyoshi could have unleash upon the world.

After Ieyasu departed, another officer of the Toyotomi, Yoshitsugu Otani, has decided to side with Mitsunari in order to "see justice is served". Mitsunari, along with his aide, Yoshitsugu, and Yoshitsugu's partner, Motonari Mori, seems to have developed a habit of bullying and abusing gourmet general,

Mitsunari's fighting style involves massive hit counts and his element in the game is shadow, hence his moniker: "The Dark King". When AI controlled, like all other characters in the game, not only will his fighting style change as you deal more damage to him, but his weapon of choice will also change depending on the difficulty of gameplay.



  • Mitsunari's fighting style, weapon, and his element somehow resembles Vergil from Devil May Cry 3.
  • Mitsunari's 3rd secret move resembles the Riot of the blood from the King of fighters series.
  • Kobayashi refers to him as a "fallen angel". His alternate costume has a picture of a pair of wings at the back.
  • While using his joke weapon (Nameless Sword - Fortune), taunt for a special surprise.

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