Mitsuhama Computer Technolgies, or "MCT" ("M.C.T."), is a villainous corporation in the world of the cyberpunk RPG game Shadowrun.


The corporation was founded by Taiga Mitsuhama and a group of japanese Yakuza with the original intention of funneling dirty money, but it quickly became one of the most powerful corporations in the world and in the fields of robotics, computers and heavy industry, with a extensive influence on multimedia.

The MCT is still used by the Yakuza to cover their money laundering operations, but MCT has become wealthy enough it can function relatively well without their support.

Mitsuhama tends to be very aggressive and ruthless when it comes with intruders and the competition, taking no prisoners and using magic and monstruos critters in their security and operations.

Corporate Hierarchy

  • Mitsuhama Industrial Technologies
  • Mitsuhama Media
  • MCT North America
    • Subsidiaries: MCT California
      • Integrated Agricultural Applications: Bioengineering and chemical agricultural research
      • Mitsuhama Motors of California (MMC): Autonomously guided light ground vehicles
      • MCT-Entertainment: Entertainment
    • MCT Tsimshian
    • MCT UCAS
    • MCT Seattle
  • MCT Western & Eastern Europe
    • Headquarters: Vaduz, Switzerland
    • Subsidiaries: MCT Western Europe
      • Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
        • MCT Deutschland AG
          • Location: Düsseldorf, Allied German States
      • Brookes Thaumaturgy: Magical services
      • Dolmen Data Systems
      • DSA
      • Esprit Electronics
      • Mediasim
  • MCT Australasia
  • MCT Hong Kong
    • Headquarters: Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone
    • Subsidiaries: Pentacle Distributing
      • Products and Services: Magical materials
  • MCT Southeast Asia
    • Mitsuhama Philippines
      • Mitsuhama Automatronics: Machine parts, drones, and robots
      • Mitsuhama-Benguet Mining: Gold, bauxite, copper, steel
      • Mitsuhama Militia-ware: Military vehicles, armor, firearms
      • Parashield: Paranimal security, veterinary care

Other Subsidiaries

  • Computers
    • Aekai Heuristic Technologies
    • Black Lotus Software
    • BrainWave, Inc.
    • Mitsuhama Computers
  • Entertainment
    • Confederation Broadcasting Company
    • Highstar, Inc.
    • Mitsuhama Media
    • Mitsuhama Music
    • Sakura Studios
    • Soonan Simsense
  • Heavy Industry
    • Automation Systems, Inc.
    • Mitsuhama Industrial Technologies
    • Takai Development Corporation
    • Zen-Marsh Chemicals
  • Magic
    • Ambrosius Publications
    • HermeTech Associates
    • Mitsuhama Magical Services
    • Mitsuhama Thaumaturgical Research
    • Pentacle Distributing, Inc.
    • Pentacle Press
  • Robotics
    • Astin Remote Systems: Tethered undersea drones
    • Drive-Ware Technologies
    • Elk-Sedge Systems
    • Mitsuhama Automatronics
    • VOR Robotics
  • Others
    • Mitsuhama Biotechnologies
      • New Life Harvest, Inc.
    • Petrovski Security: Security services and private policing
      • Subsidiaries:
        • Ertxantxa
          • Location: Euskal Herria
        • Total Service
          • Location: Korea