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Mitchell Carson is the secondary antagonist of the 2015 blockbuster superhero film Ant-Man. He is the Head of Defense for S.H.I.E.L.D - later revealed to be a representative of HYDRA.

He is portrayed by Martin Donovan, who also plays Time Master Druce in the TV series DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Ant-Man (film)

In 1989, during the construction of the Triskelion, Carson, with Howard Stark and Peggy Carter, attempted to replicate Hank Pym's Pym Particles, whom Carson has a disliking for. During the argument, Carson implies that Pym is responsible for his wife's death and Pym hits him in the face for it. Pym then takes advantage of the particles and hides it from the world.

In 2015, Carson made a business deal with Pym Technologies CEO Darren Cross regarding the marketing of the Yellowjacket Suit and the Pym particle for HYDRA. Part of their deal is also the death of Hank Pym. Some time later, Cross perfects the Pym Particles, something Carson was desperate to do in 1989.

At the presentation for the Yellowjacket, Cross secretly plans to sell the suit and the Pym particles to Carson. However, this is interrupted by Scott Lang and Hope von Dyne, who was present during the presentation. During the resulting chaos, Carson manages to escape with Cross' replicated Particles while being besieged by ants.



  • In the comics, Mitchell Carson was a serial killer and an enemy of the Eric O' Grady adaptation of Ant-Man.

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