Mitch Whalen

Mitch Whalen

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You know what?! I'll tell you what's going on, Julianne! I am your husband now and you are my wife! I'm not some flunky boyfriend that you could just kick around as you see fit! And if I don't leave, then you don't leave!
~ Mitch to Julianne.

Mitchell "Mitch" Whalen  Jr. is the unhinged, loving husband of his new bride Julianne and the main antagonist of the 2003 direct-to-video thriller movie Devil's Pond (alternatively known as Heaven's Pond).

He was portrayed by Kip Pardue.


After their wedding, Mitch took his new bride Julianne to new honeymoon for 2 weeks. He took her to an old family cabin left to him by his later father, Mitchell Whalen Sr. who died last year in a hunting accident, on a secluded island on a lake in the forest he remembered as a child. She was happy with him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him until he began to be paranoid and controlling, saying that neither of them will leave until 2 weeks are over.

He is keeping the two of them in a secret place on an island in the middle of a secluded lake for days. He knows that Julianne cannot swim, and is scared of the water. One time, she gets too close to getting away and he then chains her to anchors and other things around the island to make it impossible for her to escape. She even found in his locker box a napkin with her name on it and a notebook with recorded days and time of Mitch stalking Julianne for weeks before they even met. The truth shooked her. Even more worse that during one of her failed attempts to escape, Julianne discovers a family grave with wooden crosses including one with her name on it.

One day, she lights all their matches on fire, so he is forced to go into town to buy new ones. While he is gone, she gets an axe and breaks free from the chain. He comes back unexpectedly early, and she is almost discovered in her act of escape. He finds her and starts beating her the hardest he has ever done. Throwing her around, pushing her on the ground, hurling objects at her face, and all the while, she is screaming. Finally, she gets a hold of a gun and shoots him. He is not dead, but immobile. She gives him a couple of last words before leaving him to die. She leaves him laying there alone, the gun within reach. A shot is later heard indicating he killed himself. Overcoming her fear of water, she swims across the pond to the other side and walks away down the road to an unknown fate, but free.