Misty was the second main enemy of Licca in the Super Doll Licca-chan anime series.


Misty always had an evil and arrogant temper. She hates being lowered and because this, dedicated herself to defeat the Doll Knights. She likes to use traps that make she demean Licca and her friends to attack them.

Probably, she was not so loyal to Devaul, like a recalcitrant teenager girl.


Misty was an evil female bat-devil created from the body of Devaul to serve him after Scarecrow was imprisoned for his failures, and Doll Isamu was transformed into an ordinary doll for refusing to follow the Devaul-possessed Yae's orders. Due to the method of her conception, Devaul views her as a daughter, and Misty views herself as the Princess of the Demon Kingdom.

While Misty was shown to be far more competent and dangerous than Scarecrow ever was, she was still unsuccessful in her attempts to help Devaul kidnap Licca. This was partly due to her constant innate penchant for mischief, and partly due to her always underestimating the three Doll Knights, who always manage to thwart her schemes and save Licca from her in the nick of time.

Eventually, Misty developed an obsession with vanquishing all three Doll Knights, even believing that it was more important to get rid of them first before going after Licca, for with them gone, Licca would be left defenseless. Hence, using Licca and her friends as bait, she lured the Doll Knights out and forced them into a life-and-death battle, in which she unleashed the true might of her powers. Her magic proved to be too powerful for the Knights to handle, with Doll Isamu and Doll Izumi being frozen in ice. Doll Licca herself would have been killed if Devaul had not intervened, forcing Misty to depart after giving the Knights a warning that she would be back.

Later on, Misty used Nanae and Orie as bait to lure the Knights into a second battle with her, and again she held nothing back. She would have permanently defeated all of the Knights had it not been for Owl, the God of Doll Land, who had previously granted Doll Licca a secret yet tremendous power boon when she had approached him to beg for his help against Misty and Devaul. Just in the nick of time, this power boon was activated, giving Doll Licca a new transformation and new powers that also included the combined abilities of both Doll Isamu and Doll Izumi.

Armed with her superior powers, Doll Licca stripped Misty of all her magical powers, and forcefully banished her back to the Demon Kingdom. Deciding that she had no further use for the now-powerless Misty, Yae absorbed her back into her body.