"Don't worry, sire! The children are resting quite well."
~ Misty-Re's last words to King Sonic before being knocked unconscious with her own gas-gun

Misty-Re, also called the "Dark Presence Undercover Spy", is a female echidna. She is a member of the Dark Presence, possibly in the Dark-Eyes faction.

She got a position as a maid in Castle Mobius and infiltrated there in 3265. She revealed herself in 3267 by gassing Silver the Hedgehog unconscious after flirting with him. She then got knocked out herself by King Sonic using her own gas-gun.



  • Being referred to only as the Dark Presence's sleeper agent, Misty-Re was never named in the comics. In November 2009, on the BumbleKing Comics forum, the current writer Ian Flynn was asked by a fan to give her a name. When another fan in a Q&A Talkback thread said he liked calling her "Misty-Re,"  Flynn asked whether that was because of the gas gun and his claims about it were "too punny to pass up." Immediately after that Flynn declared this to be "OFFICIAL FANON MADE CANON!".
  • Her name is pun on the term, "Mystery".
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