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Follow me...
~ Mistress Kane

Mistress Kane was Master Hugh Kane's mistress who haunted Hell House alongside him after their deaths and she is the secondary main antagonist of Scary Movie 2.

She was portrayed by Jennifer Curran.


In the 1700s, Hugh Kane had a affair with an attractive woman and made her his mistress without his wife Caroline knowing about it. His servant Hanson who had a deep crush on Caroline, knew about the extramarital relationship and murdered them both, thinking he would win her love but it did not worked. Although Kane and his Mistress retuned as ghosts and Kane himself decided to possesses him and make him do his bidding.

She seduced and killed Professor Oldman in the basement's hallways beneath the house. Later she then encountered Shorty Meeks in a storage room within the house's basement, but instead of killing him, she decided to have quick sex with him (with a paper bag over her head).

In the end of the film, she gave Shorty a blowjob and distracted him from the road, where he accidentally hit Hanson standing next to Cindy Campbell on the road at the college.


  • Her first name was "Jennifer, though it was never proven nor mentioned in the movie.
  • She has the powers of umbrakinesis, in both of her appearances she is shrouded in shadow, then she discards it when revealing her true form.
  • Mistress Kane was called "Siren" in the film's end credits.