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Mister T. Rex is one of the three main antagonists of the Dinosaurs comic lines, alongside Allo and Spino . He has appeared in From the Beginning, Bite of the Albertosaurus, Jurassic Smarts and the fourth installment. He is self-regarding.


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Mister T. Rex was bullied in his childhood. As soon as he grew up, however, he killed everyone who taunted him in the past (except Mr. Euoplocephalus). He and prey later chased a Troodon to shut his mouth.

Moral Event Horizon

In Jurassic Smarts, Mister T. Rex wanted to impress the readers. As soon as Troodon sayed everything was told about him, Mister T. Rex gets his revenge for making the readers no longer impressed into him. He threatens Troodon, then bites, shakes and throws him on the ground, then flattens him. Though Troodon survives, he is almost completely crushed. This was considered his most evil deed.


  • Mister T. Rex is the only dinosaur antagonist that crosses the Moral Event Horizon and one of the few villains not bent on domination.
  • Mister T. Rex was unnamed until Jurassic Smarts.