Mister Ruckus

Mister Ruckus

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Shut yo ass up, Bunny! I'm sick of you talkin' about that *bleep* damn white man all the time! Name one of them who ever did *bleep* for any of you! Huh!? Can't do it, can you? Look at what you did! All my kids is some damn Uncle Toms, and you the worst! A black fool who hates himself so much, he can't even see what's front of him in a mirror; just another black nigger like the rest of us!
~ Mister Ruckus

Mister Ruckus is Uncle Ruckus "adoptive" (In truth biological ) father. He regularly abuses Uncle Ruckus any chance he gets, especially when he was a child. He appears in the episode "The Color Ruckus" of The Boondocks.

He was voiced by Don "D.C." Curry who played Uncle Elroy from Next Friday


Young Mister Ruckus

Mister Ruckus as a young adult.

When Ruckus was a child, Mister worked several jobs including waiter and training dummy for the police. Each job involved him being humiliated and physically abused by Caucasian men, causing him to grow a seething hatred toward white people all his life, and he in turn gave his eldest son, Uncle Ruckus many injuries and emotional trauma, leading his son Uncle hate all black people. When Uncle was still young (possibly eight years old), Mister threw him out of their house, causing Ruckus to live on the streets since then.

Uncle Ruckus' brothers Darryl and Darell believed that after the white men took his sanity, and dignity, and humanity. Mister Ruckus took these problems out on his boys, or perhaps it was their father trying to toughen them up for a tough world.

Death of Mister Ruckus

Old Mister Ruckus

Mister Ruckus as an old man today.

Many years later, Mister reunited with Uncle, when news of his much-loathed mother's impending death came. He was not happy with his son Uncle, who he called a "Mexican", (which he states is a person who works their whole life to achieve nothing) and "revealed" that Bunny's accusation that Uncle Ruckus being adopted and suffering from re-vitiligo was false, much to her denial. At the funeral, Ruckus stood up to Mister and told him to "Get it out of your system, then sit down, and shut the f**k up!".

Mister was about to beat Ruckus until the injuries Mister from got so many years of physical abuse himself had finally taken its toll on him and he fell into his mother's grave and snapped his neck, killing him.


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