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Mr. Popo

The evil stare of Mister Popo.

Alright Maggots, listen up. Popo's 'bout to teach you the pecking order. It goes you, the dirt, the worms inside of the dirt, Popo's stool, Kami, then Popo.
~ Mr. Popo's Pecking Order
~ Mr. Popo, Dragon Ball Z abridged

In the online Dragon Ball Z parody series created by Team Four Star, Mister Popo is the complete opposite of what he was in the series canon. Here, he is a sadistic and intimidating genie feared as the most powerful being on Earth and perhaps even the universe. Popo is extremely rude to everyone he sees, calling them "maggots", and is nightmare fuel, able to give people some of the worst nightmares in history just by looking at them. Even lifeless objects are terrified of him and activate the instant his name is uttered. So to speak, additionally, Kami's ship only responds to the word "Popo" not because it is the password, but because it knows better. He can even give nightmares to those who have never even seen, met, or heard of him, as he does to the Team Four Star version of Bardock.



"I'll tell you where they're!"

Abridged Popo Scenes08:39

Abridged Popo Scenes

Pecking Order!

Popo is feared by all the Z fighters to the point where they will run in fear and scream just after seeing him, as he does to Goku. Popo can even appear in the real world as shown in a live action part of the series where he attacks the Team Four Star editor, KaiserNeko.

Popo is shown to try to kill his students on multiple occasions when training them, and they let him as he has a "pecking order" which he uses to threaten them and place everyone in the entire universe below him and beat up anyone who questions him. He also has a magic carpet fueled by people’s souls, suggesting he kills people for their souls.

Popo is mean to all the Z fighters. He frequently puts them through horrific and psychologically scarring training, and is apparently this cruel to everyone as shown in a PTSD style flashback Goku has in hospital of when he was first beginning his training on the lookout, by flashing between Goku and Popo, before cutting to Goku screaming "Get him away from me!", but it seems that Krillin is the most frequent victim of all, as Popo asks him if he has a question, and than immediately attacks Krillin for daring to question his "pecking order", even after he said it was okay, then threatens to do the same to the others if they talk out of turn. Popo also gives Krillin one of the worst nightmares ever (even by Popo's standards as a nightmare fuel, it appears to be the worst of them all).



MR. Popo kills blue Popo

The Scene the Death of Blue Popo

  • Popo is extremely popular among the fans of Team Four Star and is often regarded as the most popular online villain in the world.
  • It's also shows the blue counterpart named: Blue Popo which the Blue counterpart is from the 4Kids version that it removed the Black skin to Blue of original Popo because the American distribution censorship.
  • It is revealed in Episode 30: Freeza: The Final Cut that Popo is Shenron's master.
  • It is hinted that Mr. Popo might be the same species as Majin Buu, due to his sadistic nature, genie-like appearance, super strength and sinister powers. When confronted by Blue Popo and Garlic Jr., he envelops them in a dark mist that sucks them into his being, though unlike Buu this doesn't alter his appearance.
  • Popo is also shown to be a sexist when he says "Oh, look at that! A woman who doesn’t know any better, what are the odds?".
  • He's in an abusive relationship with a Jynx.
  • It was revealed in Team Four Star's playthrough of Dragon Ball Xenoverse that Mr. Popo is actually an adult version of their avatar, Dumplin.

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