Mister Monday

Mister Monday is one of the main villain in the Keys to the Kingdom book series. He was the first of Seven Morrow Days who was suffered from the sin of sloth.


Mister Monday

Lord Monday was the first Trustee Arthur met and was always pushed around in a wheelchair by one of his servants. When Arthur first meets him, he was being pushed by Sneezer, his butler. Mister Monday was granted control of the Lower House. His Key can be split into two halves; an Hour Hand and a Minute Hand. The two hands, when combined, take the form of a sword. Monday's command center is Monday's Day room.

Monday's sloth left him mostly incapacitated, whereupon he left most of the affairs of the Lower House to his Dawn, Noon, and Dusk. When Arthur reached Monday's Dayroom, a great battle was fought between the two, but Arthur wins the First Key, and uses it to heal Monday of his Sloth. Subsequently, Monday accepted Arthur as his master, thanking him for his new life.

Sir Thursday


In Sir Thursday, it is revealed that he was assassinated and it was suspected to be Superior Saturday 's men. Dame Primus sets sorcerers to work, searching for assassins, while she herself was Monday's murderer.


Monday is described as being a tall man with blond hair and circles under his eyes. He can transform into a huge snake, with his own face on the serpent's head.