Mister Chase was an antagonist from Marvel comics and an enemy of the Inhumans.


Mister Chase, a trained assassin and bounty hunter, was hired by Terrence Haller, Jr. to apprehend one of the Inhumans' exchange students. He left for Madison, Wisconsin to do so.

Mister Chase stopped at Red's Roadhouse on his travels and an annoying patron in the restroom asked about his gun. Chase found one subject, Nahrees, in the park, and shot her boyfriend, Damon Hart. She attacked Chase, but he hit her with a dart, knocking her out and loading her in his car.

Haller kept Chase on salary at Haller Industries. When the other Inhumans arrived and attacked, Chase shot Jolen in the head immediately.

Chase shot Alaris, who was resistant to the bullet. Alaris picked Chase up, and Chase shot him in the throat, then the head, knocking Alaris out. Tonaja leaped on him, disarming him, while the scientist Dowlati stopped Myers from hurting Nahrees. San, with Haller and his son, entered and San stated that he agreed to give his life so that Haller's son could live. Then Jolen, revived, shocked them all by murdering Chase with roots through the abdomen.