Missy Bradford

Missy Bradford is a 12-year-old rival of Riley Matthews in the show, Girl Meets World. She is portrayed by Olivia Stuck.


Missy Bradford is a spoiled, stuck-up young girl who is popular than everybody else in the middle school. She told Riley Matthews to "grow up" and wants to flirt with Farkle forever and ever. She also hates Maya Hart because she's too tomboyish and she now hates girly things. Missy also becomes a popular girl in the school. She also appears in Girl Meets Sneak Attack.

She loves makeup, girly things and the things Maya Hart really hates. She hates everyone else in the school. She didn't have her own clique. She's bullying Riley Matthews.


  • It is revealed that she didn't appear in various episodes.
  • She is shown flirting with Farkle.
  • She was portrayed by Olivia Stuck, who also portrays Dawn Buckets, one of the main antagonists of Kirby Buckets