Miss Trinidad

Miss Trinidad is the villainess from "Blackboard Jungle Fever," the 17th episode of Martin.

She was played by Beverly Johnson.

Miss Trinidad is Martin Payne's often mentioned third grade teacher, who Martin has stated that he had a crush on. In the episode, Martin (along with Cole and Tommy) visited Miss Trinidad's class for Career Day, and after the event, Martin brought Miss Trinidad home, where he confessed to having a crush on her when he was in her class. At that moment, Miss Trinidad turned heel and slowly began seducing Martin, to the point where she is literally throwing herself at him. Martin resists her advances, but Miss Trinidad continuously pursues him, until they are caught in a compromising position by Gina.

After being caught, the evil Miss Trinidad falsely accused Martin of coming on to her, and even told Gina that Martin never mentioned her. Later on, Martin confronted Miss Trinidad over nearly destroying his relationship with Gina, only for the evil seductress to advance on him again. After being caught again by Gina, who figured out Miss Trinidad's true colors, Miss Trinidad quickly backed off rather than face Gina's wrath.