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Miss Taro is the tertiary antagonist of the James Bond film "Dr. No".

She is a henchman, who is in league with Dr. Julius No himself and attempts to kill Bond at her home. She is the first true female villain of the franchise.


Miss Taro works as secretary for the Colonial Secretary, Mr. Pleydell Smith in Kingston Jamaica. After meeting with Smith, Bond catches her leaning against the door attempting to listen into the pair's conversation. Bond confronts her, she claims she was searching for the files on Dr. No. Bond invites her to tour the island with him later that afternoon.

Later, she calls Bond at his hotel and invites him to her home in attempt to lure him into an ambush. En route, an attempt is made on his life by The Three Blind Mice. They fail and to her surprise, Bond arrives at her home unharmed. After receiving a telephone call from her handlers, she is ordered to keep him at her home until other assassins arrive. So she seduces Bond and the two sleep together. However, aware of her betrayal, afterward Bond tricks her into thinking they are going out for dinner but instead has her arrested. (borrowed from the James Bond wikia)


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