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Miss Power was a villainess in WordGirl, and had served as the main antagonist of the WordGirl movie "The Rise of Miss Power."

Character description         

She was an alien that arrived to Earth along with her sidekick Colonel Giggle Cheeks, and posed as a new superhero in order to trick WordGirl into helping her rule the world, because she believed that just because she had superhuman powers, she thought that she could rule other people. She taught WordGirl how to use her powers, such as ice breath. However, she also taught her to insult other villains, and treated the villains more cruelly than WordGirl ever did. She also manipulated the town into bullying one another. She also seemed to gain her power from the mean words being used. When WordGirl found out her plot, she simply beats her up, and even removes her star isignia that was on her chest. She later takes over the town, and throws the villains, and Mrs. Botsford into jail because of a disagreement they had. While in jail, Mrs. Botsford rallies up the villains, and they later help WordGirl fight Miss Power. While fighting, she almost destroys Dr. Two-Brains before WordGirl returns. After being tremendously clobbered by WordGirl, Miss Power flees Earth, and so far, has not returned. She has also proven herself to be stronger than WordGirl, and is one of the more competent villains in the show. She also has, under her long bangs, a yellow, snake-like eye. She is voiced by Jane Lynch of Glee fame.   

Super Powers

  • Ice Breath
  • Super Strength
  • Laser Eyes
  • Gaining Energy From Harsh Words
  • Super Speed
  • Whirlwinds



Miss Power alongside her sidekick, Colonel Gigge Cheeks.


Miss Power with her left eye exposed.

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