Miss Hendra

Miss Hendra is the villainess from Smart Guy episode 3.09: "Get A Job."

She was played by Janice Kent.


Miss Hendra is Yvette and Nina's boss at a Stylo store at a local mall, but she is revealed to have racist tendencies when she instructs Nina to closely watch an African-American customer. After being informed of this, Yvette confronts Miss Hendra, who claims that most of the shoplifting crimes at her store have been committed by people who are "urban," which leads Yvette to show her the error of her ways. Yvette shows video of Miss Hendra's racial profiling; following Mo around while Mackey does the actual "shoplifting." However, Miss Hendra responds by stating that her 19 years of experience is enough to justify her evil and racist viewpoints, and she fires Yvette. At the episode's end, Miss Hendra hounds yet another African-American customer, but much to her shock, he reveals himself as R.J. Reese, the founder of Stylo. Miss Hendra's fate was not revealed, but she was most likely reprimanded for her bigoted policy.