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Miss Gzptlsnz is a fifth-dimensional imp who appears in DC comics, although she has never gained the level of popularity as Mister Mxyzptlk she appeared as a supporting role in the Superman animated series (though she was notably less of a villain in this series).

However she was much more of a villain in the more obscure comic books of old known as Jimmy Olson, where she was portrayed as deeply in love with Superman's "best friend" - she was also depicted as rather ugly with a crooked nose (in contrast to her attractive appearance in the Superman animated series).

Despite her relatively disinterest in inter-universal mischief (unlike Mxyzptlk) she is, like all fifth-dimension imps, omnipotent - capable of displaying feats that are completely at odds with our own laws of reality (she could even rewrite such laws if she felt the need).

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