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Miss Gritta is a member of the Shadow Line in Ressha Sentai ToQger.


Raised by her mother Madame Noir, Gritta is brought to be married to Emperor Z. However, Gritta fell in love with General Schwarz and offered her assistance by lending him her Shadow Creeps As time passed, Gritta's affection for Schwarz grew to the point that she did want to marry Z, attempting to kill him upon cringing in fear at the sight of him. Over time, Gritta managed to become brave in Z's presence before leaving from her mother that the wedding is a farce and that she is eat Z to obtain his powers and serve a figurehead ruler. Despite attempting to escape, meeting the ToQgers in the process, Gritta ends up performing the deed and becomes a cold-hearted empress. However, when Schwarz is being overpowered, Gritta saves him at the cost of her well being despite being sold out for his own ambitions. Soon after, Z revealed to allowed her to eat him so he can obtain her inner light, Gritta is consumed from the inside by the emperor and a faint trace of her is trapped within his body.


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