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Miss Finch is the main antagonist of the 1985 film Sesame Street Presents: Follow that Bird. She is a social worker who plans on bringing Big Bird to the Dodo family just for being of his kind: a bird.

Despite functioning as an adversary, Miss Finch has good intentions and wants what's best for Big Bird.


As a social worker for the Feathered Friends Society, Miss Finch is distressed by the case of Big Bird, with no birds around him. She takes it upon herself to meet Big Bird and persuade him to leave Sesame Street for a new foster family, the Dodos, with a father, mother, sister, and brother.

When Big Bird runs away from the Dodos, Miss Finch cannot fathom why he could possibly be unhappy with "his own kind." She sets out in the Feathered Friends Society van to pursue "Big", but is thwarted.

Miss Finch first finds Big Bird walking down the street with the children Ruthie and Floyd and tries to capture him, but he manages to escape before she does. She begins looking for Big Bird in a hayfield, unknowing that he is hiding in a haystack, and leaves continuing her search. She also finds Big Bird reading a sign in Toadstool but he manages to run away from her yet again. She tries to chase Big Bird in the Toadstool Mushrooms Parade but loses him. When finally trailing him to Sesame Street, Miss Finch is convinced by Maria and the others that Big Bird does have a family, right in the neighborhood, one which includes all kinds of people.

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