Angelica talking to Mrs.Carol
Okay, Angelica, if you love Miss Carol at all, you will tell us right now, WHAT DOES MISS CAROL THINK OF HER KIDS!!!!!!
~ Miss Carol
You're right! You're right! You know that?! You're right! I have said it before and I will say it again! Heh, heh, heh! YOU'RE ALL LITTLE--
~ Miss Carol before getting fired

Miss Carol (or "Ms. Carol) is the main antagonist of the Rugrats episode "The Word of the Day". She is a crude, loud, ugly abusive lady who secretly hates children and acts likes she is sweet and nice, however she teaches Angelica a bad word, which causes Stu's family not wanting to hear or look, causing Drew's Family to be upset (especially Charlotte).


Miss Carol is the emcee of the children tv show Miss Carol’s Happy House. Angelica sneaks over to see Miss Carol in her dressing room, Stephanie informs Miss Carol about coming up with a new fun phrase and that when she ask the kids what does she think of them. Miss Carol's own fun phrase is a profanity (which it is censored) having Angelica to say that word.

At "Miss Carol’s Happy House" studio. Miss Carol asks Angelica that what does Miss Carol think of her kids, and Angelica tries to think of a word, which Carol gets impatient and Angelica uses a (censored) profanity again. Miss Carol orders to take Angelica away, but Angelica tells Miss Carol that she said that profanity, and Miss Carol finally confesses and said it again but camera is turned off with a long beep sound playing. Miss Carol is then fired and replace by Miss Stephanie.


  • She was voiced by Vicki Lewis.