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From left to right: S.N.O.W Man, Beru, Slay and Reese

Slay: We are from the planet of Misfit Minions.
Reese: Where all banished servants of Santa Claus are sent.
Beru: We were all lost; hopeless and forsaken...
Jinga: But now Turles has given us a new chance at life...
Jinga and Beru: and at revenge.
~ The Misfit Minions introducing themselves
The Misfit Minions are Turles's henchmen and the secondary antagonists in the abridged movie, Dragon Ball Z: Christmas Tree of Might.

They are all former helpers of Santa who got banished to the planet of Misfit Minions, before allying themselves with Turles to get revenge on Christmas.


  • Slay - A former mall Santa who was banished after he dropped a firetruck on a kid's house when he asked for one
  • Reese - Someone who raped Rudolph, putting him forever on Santa's naughty list
  • Jinga & Beru - Two elves who used to work in Santa's workshop until a robot they built to aid production went on a murderous rampage.
  • S.N.O.W Man - The robot that Jinga and Beru built. His name is an acronym for "Sentient Non Organic Work Manager."

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