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Mischka And Grischka are villains in the 1983 James Bond movie, Octopussy.

They were played by David and Tony Meyer.
Mischka And Grischka

These 2 knife throwers not only appeared in Octopussy's circus but served as Kamal Khan and Orlov's (the main villains) henchmen and assassins. They hunt 009 down and kill him, because he had stolen a fake Faberge egg from Octopussy's circus in east Germany. On Octopussy's train, Mischka tries to use a welding torch to attack 007 when Bond enters a car with Orlov's atomic bomb. James Bond blinds Mischka and then pulls the lever of the circus's large cannon, which falls on Mischka and kills him.

007 disguises as Mischka wearing his clothes and fight and fall off the train. Grischka chases and traps 007 to a cabin door throwing knifes. Bond kills the knife thrower by throwing one of his knifes into Grischka's stomach, avenging the death of 009.

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