Find me....
~ Misao

Misao is the tragic girl of the game. She is noted throughout the game as being friendless and lonely. Misao went missing three months before the game begins. The truth is that she was actually murdered and three months later, Misao invoked a curse upon the school in order to take revenge on her daily tormentors.


Misao is an obedient girl who develops a dark side after her death. Her appearance is simple, as she wears the same uniform as the other girls. Her long, dark hair is kept straight, her bangs falling below her brows and just above her amber coloured eyes. After she goes missing, Misao's body is dismembered. Her brain, head, eyes, legs, arms and heart are all cut off. A clear target for bullying. Even after death she shows obvious desire for appeasement.

In Truth when Aki confronts her in the final room her appearance is distorted, freaking out when he sees her, Tohma attempts to escape before Aki steps in. After Misao suggests that they all stay together in the afterlife, Aki refuses and brings out the pocket mirror, showing Misao what she has become due to her lust for revenge. She has her head tilted upwards and blood running down her face from her eyes and mouth, her eyes are red and her uniform is bloodstained, producing a rather demonic appearance.


At the beginning, the only known information regarding Misao is that she had mysteriously vanished three months before the game, with many of her classmates believing that Misao was already dead. In addition to that, a conversation overheard by the player from other classmates (Tohma, Yoshino, Saotome, and Kudoh) reveals that she may have had a crush on Tohma and was bullied by Yoshino before her disappearance. After, several strange paranormal events began and it's discussed amongst the others that these may have been Misao's doing. When Tohma jokingly and mockingly asks Misao to 'spare' him from her wrath, Misao unleashes a true curse and sends the school, and everyone in it, spiralling into an otherworldly realm filled with terrifying monsters and ghosts.

Misao originally contacts the player through their dreams, asking them to "help" and "find her". When she enacts the curse, the player is the only one who can still hear her voice, continually pressing the character to find her.

During the sequence in which the school is flung into the Other World (where Misao enacts her curse) The Player is shown a grotesque hallucinatory wall of the words "HELP ME FIND ME" repeated, and writtien in blood. The Player's Character, Aki, proceeds to scream and more rumbling is heard. The Player wakes up in the Student Council Room. After being briefed by the Student Council president, The Player sets out to save Misao's soul.