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Misako Togane is one of villains of Psycho-Pass along with her son Sakuya Togane who created AA Exemopent who left Kirito Kamui as survivor of plane crash which kills his 185 classmates which left Kamui to seek revenge against her. She also founder of Togane Foundation and neuroscience researcher, especially of idiosyncratic brains known to be criminally asymptomatic and member of Sibyl System. When Mika Shimotsuki learning Kamui's vengeance on Togage she reported to Joshu Kasei means Akane to get freedom ( dismissed from the MWPSB) however, Kasei revealed as Misako Togane lured Mika as trap and her son Sakyua pointed his domitar on her.

She was killed by Kirito Kamui in last episode of series.

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