Mirrors is Smoke's rivaled brother. He thinks, that because he is male, he is better than his sister. Also he confessed that he smells "like a backside of a donkey". His hair style looks similar to Goku, and he has zig-zags under each eye similar to Ash Ketchum's. It's unknown how old he is, but it's revealed in the episode "Worked Stiff" that he is old enough to drive; in addition, it's revealed that he is a narcissist and keeps a monkey in the trunk of his car. He does show Smoke love however, just not as much as she wants, or hardly as much as she shows him.


Mirrors has similar powers like his sister, being super strong and fast. He can also teleport like Smoke, but in a flash of yellow light. He can also float and fly. While he doesn't have a weapon, he does uses exploding Roses. Mirrors carries yellow Prison Prisms, a parody of Poké-balls. They are used to capture creatures called "Forever Friends". Unlike Poké-balls, one Prison Prism can have more than one creature. If the Forever Friend doesn't want to fight, he can force him through a special Ring. When a Forever Friend losses a fight, it becomes the winners property. His shown friends are:

Hunkapu - a Pikachu like creature that grows larger and can fire spikes while spinning. Pupitator - a puppygriff that he won with Hunkapu.

Halapeno Jack - a cheese creature that fires cheese; however, he was defeated by Yang. Laundry Monster - a monster made from that laundry which was once worn by the rabbits until they decided to wash it.

Yin - Yin was Mirror's forever friend in "Smoke and Mirrors"