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Miriya is the main antagonist of Elf Hime Nina and a servent of the Demon King who is killed by The Seven Heroes.


Not much is known about Miriya's history except that she used evil spirits to take over Syll's dead body and plans on usurping the throne by killing Kyle and using Nina as a pawn throughout the story she acts as Kyle's helper in helping him rape Nina as well as his other perverted fantasies eventually she betrayed Kyle and revealed to Nina about her plans of avenging the Demon King as using Nina as a Pawn until Kyle shows up and revealed that he predicted Miriya's plans and she revealed that she used a puppet spell on him only to reveal that he made himself immune to it and so he used the spell on her and Kyle Promise to train her and so she is trained in the dungeon by being raped and impregnated by monsters and being humiliated until she became Kyle's loyal sex slave.



  • In the original Elf Hime Nina visual novel Miriya became a hermaphrodite while the scene is absent in the anime.
  • The dungeon scene from the anime has some difference to the visual novel, In the anime Miriya is raped by orcs while in the visual novel Miriya is raped by small goblin creatures.
  • In the original visual novel Nina is shown to *train* Miriya while in the anime its never shown if Nina ever *trained* Miriya.
  • Its never revealed if she aborted or gave Birth to a monster child.

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