Mirage Band

Mirage Band were the main villains in the Grojband episode "Dreamreaver Pt. 2". They were nighhtmares (accidently) caused by Corey and his friends that invaded Trina's mind all because Corey wanted Trina's secrets for his lyrics.


In the episode, Mirage Band saved Corey and his friends from the army of Nick's, but they were immediately revealed to be the real adversaries and chased after them. However, in the end, they somewhat died after Grojband sung and escaped from Trina's mind.


  • Mirage Corey - Mirage Corey is the leader of the band. He is the lead singer and guitarist of the band who uses a motorcycle to ride around and he uses his guitar as a destructive weapon. He is the evil doppleganger version of Corey Riffin.
  • Mirage Kin - Mirage Kin is the keyboardist of the band. He carries a keytar which is capable of shooting lasers. He is the evil doppleganger version of Kin Kujira.
  • Mirage Kon - Mirage Kon is the drummer of the band. His drumming is able to cause fissures to form in the ground. He is the evil doppleganger of Kon Kujira.
  • Mirage Laney - Mirage Laney is the bassist of the band. She uses Esmeralda to ride around. She is the evil doppleganger of Laney Penn.
  • Esmeralda - Esmeralda is a golden tiger in the band. Mirage Laney rides her around.