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Mira Fallegeros is a villain from the Killer Instinct series. She is the twin sister of Maya who was also a huntress like her before Mira sarifcied herself to protect Maya. Now the vampires revived her as one of their own and fully embraced there lifestyle.

A former member of the Night Guard, Mira Fallegeros is Maya's fraternal twin sister. The two grew up together and under their father's tutelage became the Night Guard's best team of hunters. On a mission to kill a group of vampires in the Siberian Mountains, Mira sacrifices herself to save Maya and seemingly perishes, but the vampires find her and convert her into one of their own, corrupting her and granting her a pair of gauntlets that allow her to tap into her newfound powers.

As Mira used to be human of the Night Guard, but once she was turned into a vampire she began to use blood magic, thanks to the Gauntlets of Rasavatham which she wears. They turn her blood into a silver liquid metal resembling mercury, which she can then eject from her body and manipulate into different attacks or weapons by hardening the liquid metal.