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Minotarumon champion

Minotarumon is a minor villain in Digimon Adventures 02. He was created by Arukenimon through her Spirit Needle attack by one of the Digimon Emperor's Control Spires. He also resembles the mythical monster known as the Minotaur.


Minotarumon is a big, muscular light brown bull-like Digimon (Minotaur) that stands on his hind legs, with a drill powerful enough to created earthquakes. It is possible that it is not its body because there are stitches and a zipper on its body. Minotarumon is one of the few Digimon that can be either a Champion or Ultimate Level Digimon.

Digimon Adventures 02

Arukenimon created Minotarumon from one of the Digimon Emperor's Control Spires, and ordered him to destroy a bridge that the DigiDestined just finished. He manage to destroy some of the bridge, but he was quickly destoyed by, Raidramon, Aquilamon, Pegasusmon and Nefertimon.

Another Minotarumon was inside the Mayan Ruin with a Dokugumon, but that one was a real Digimon. They were eventually defeated by WereGarurumon, Stingmon, and a Monochromon, and were sent back to the Digital World.

Digimon Xros Wars

A large ammount of Minotarumon serve MadLeomon.

More several Minotarumon reappeared during the invasion in the Real World against the Xros Heart army in a final battle.


  • Earthquake Drill
  • Bull Fighting Attack


  • Minotarumon are classed as an Ultimate class Digimon, however in the TV show Digimon Adventures 02, the evil Minotarumon was a Champion class.

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