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The Mink Coat

The Mink Coat

The Mink Coat, sometimes known as the Haunted Mink Fur Coat, is a haunted man-eating, living mink fur coat and a minor villain in the movie, Ghostbusters II.


During the events of New York being invaded by ghosts in Ghostbusters II, a woman wearing an animal fur coat accidentally steps into a puddle of the pink slime. The result of this brings the coat to life, with the woman screaming in terror. She then immediately takes off the coat, drops it to the floor, and it runs away screaming and hissing. The angry souls of the mink animals going on a rampage. It may have just proven true to the activist phrase "fur is murder!".



  • Mink Coat

    The Mink Coat as seen in the Ghostbusters IDW Comics.

    On page one of Ghostbusters Issue #6, the fur coat makes a cameo in Fantastic Land to the left of Ray Stantz
  • On page seven of Ghostbusters Issue #7, the fur coat makes a cameo as Winston Zeddemore leads the hostages out of the park.

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