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Baddest Fight Scenes EVER! - Invincible Armor - Part 1 of 207:36

Baddest Fight Scenes EVER! - Invincible Armor - Part 1 of 2

Minister Cheng is teh main antagonist of the 1977 Martial Arts film Invincible Armor. He was portrayed by Jang Lee Hwang.


Cheng was a martial artist trained in the arts of Iron Armour and Eagle Claw, allowing effective defensive and offensive capabilities. His Iron Amror technique alowed him to become totally invulnerable except for one pressure point, while his Eagle Claws could often tear apart living humans. In his early life he was suprassed by a fellow student, and as such was unable to pursue martial arts as a career. Cheng instead joined the Imperial Court, and became the minister of state.

Invincible Armor

Cheng hired an assassin to kill Security Minister Lu, but leave only a man named Chow Lung Fu in the courtyard with him, to make him appear the murderer. Cheng than leads the effort to capture the "murderer" all the while going on his own quest to challenge and surpass all of his enemies from earlier in life. 

This would eventually backfire on him, as oen of teh Bounty hunters hired to kill Lung Fu wanted him to have a trial (instead of executing him on the spot) and eventually found out that Cheng was respknsible for the murder. At the height of Cheng's power, when he'd finally mastered Iron Armour and gained political power, the bounty hunter, Lung Fu, and two oung adults from a nearby village all attacked him with "Iron Finger" a style designed to find his weak spot. t was eventually discovered taht his weak spot was his testicals, and while He did a very good job of defending himself, eventually they were caught in a monkey paw technique and smashed, causing Cheng to almost instantly die.