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Minions of Set

The Minions of Set are three mystical demons who appeared in the highly unique 2001 animated series, Samurai Jack. They were servants of Aku who were sent out to destroy Jack. Like The Guardian, the Minions of set are some of the most powerful foes Jack has come across, being some of the very few that Jack had trouble time keeping up against.


The Minions of Set are generally brutal and aggressive. They appear to use rage as they are fighting strategy, and were pretty ruthless and vituperative when up against Jack. However, the Minions also appear to be loyal to Aku, following his orders with no problem, and bowing to him in respect.

Their sentience is questionable, although they are certainly capable of understanding and comprehending the meaning of speech. They themselves do not speak, only growl, bark, and roar. However, they at least understand orders and tactics.

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