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The Minions are a species in the Despicable Me film franchise, as well as the protagonist villains of a spinoff prequel film of the same name.


The Minions predate Humans by Millions of years. As stated in Minions, their only purpose is to find and serve the most despicable masters in history. In Prehistoric times, they served a T-Rex, whom they accidentally killed, while in Egypt, they served and killed an unnamed Pharaoh by dropping a pyramid on him, killing him (as well as other people). During the French revolution, they killed Napoleon, by shooting him with a cannon. During the 60's, they served Scarlet Overkill, while in modern times, they serve Felonious Gru.


As their name suggests, the Minions are minions, who seek the most evil people to serve. They have an obsession with Bananas and apples, referred to as 'bapples'. They speak their own language, "Minionish", which is actually a mix of Earth languages.


The minions are small, yellow, tic-tac-like creatures. For unknown reasons, they wear gray overalls and goggles. Every member of the species has between one and two eyes.



  • Due the goal of the Minions being to serve the most despicable masters in history, it is unknown why they still follow Gru, as he redeemed himself.


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