Mini Minotaur

He as his name suggests is a Mini Minotaur and the main antagonist in Tobuscus' Song: Mini Minotaur.


He was shown to be in a cradle where Tim Tim thought of him as a baby. But attacked him and chased Tim Tim all around the maze. Tobuscus (who is with Tim Tim) tells Tim Tim to use Tar Tar Sauce on Mini Minotaur as he is deathly allergic to it. But the minotaur caught up to him and ate him in one bite. In his stomach Tobuscus used a match to light the up where they found a jar of Tar Tar sauce that belong to the previous victim of the Minotaur. Tim Tim was attempting to open the jar but had a problem until Tobuscus told him to open it counterclockwise which he opened the jar and spilled all over Minotaur which made him explode and Tobuscus and Tim Tim came out unharmed. Tim Tim now relieved that he is still alive told Tobuscus to stop making songs about him as he's ruining his life while throwing down the microphone and leaves.