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The mini-bosses are the territorial antagonists that attack the player while finding the sea monsters from the ocean. They are recurring antagonists from The Ocean Hunter.

Once the player encounters enemies, he/she will encounter a mini-boss on his/her way of finding the sea monster.


Baroque Sea

White Death

White Death (Carcharadon carcharias) is the first mini-boss encountered in the game. This shark is encountered after killing the first sea snake.

After one encounters the first sea snake, a cutscene will show a diver being chased by a shark. When the battle starts, the player has a few seconds to save the diver. One must act fast, because the diver will be eaten quickly. This is because the shots must be aimed correctly. If the diver retreats and the player kills the mini-boss, one will receive an extra life. After the cutscene plays, one must kill more sea snakes and a few sharks. This is not easy, as sea snakes are harder to kill than sharks.

The failure to save the diver occurs in two ways: the player lets the shark eat the diver or if one shoots the diver (which results in losing a life point). Once the player destroys the shark after the diver is killed, a dialogue will pop up saying "It's too late". After the cutscene plays, one must kill more sharks and one sea snake. Two sharks will replace an optional mini-boss.

Sea Dragon

The sea dragon (Amblyrhynchus cristatus) is an underwater variety of a marine iguana. This mini-boss can only be encountered after one saves the diver from being eaten by a great white shark.

After killing some snakes by some moai statues, the camera will bump into a rock. The dialogue "Ouch!" will appear and the player won't receive damage. The sea dragon will attack the player after bumping into a rock. The best way to do is to shoot rapidly to deal damage.

Sea Serpent

The sea serpent (Eunectes colubrina) is a hybrid between an anaconda and a real sea snake. This underwater snake is encountered after killing the last batch of sea snakes inside the sunken ship.

To deal more damage, one must shoot the mouth (which is the weakness). This could result in the serpent being killed quicker. After killing the serpent, two barracudas will appear.

Luna Sea


The hydra (Gymnothorax thyrsoidea) is a group of three moray eels that reside as the guardians of Leviathan's ruins. These eels are encountered after a diver warns the player "Danger here!".

When the battle starts, each eel will pop out of its hole. The first eel will perform a delayed attack, which must be shot quickly. The second and third always have their heads out, which are easier to shoot than the first one.

Tartarus Deep


Scylla (Architeuthis) is a giant squid that is able to turn green. This giant squid is encountered after the player finds a diver chased by purple eels.

She has the same pattern as Kraken. However, this attack can be cancelled by shooting the head or the eyes. The dialogue will prompt the player to shoot the tentacles to avoid getting damaged. Unlike Kraken, this mollusk is able to charge towards the player. After dealing enough damage, the mollusk will leave the screen. A dialogue will appear "It's coming right at me!", signaling the squid performing a charge attack. If the player has good aim, no damage will be taken.


Naga (Regalecus glesne) is a giant oarfish that resides in the deep sea. This serpent fish is encountered after killing some lantern fish from the wreckage.

Once Naga shows up in the screen, the dialogue will prompt the player to shoot him multiple times. The weakness is to shoot the chin or the mouth. This is not easy, as Naga is very agile.

Texoco Great Lake

There are no mini-bosses in the fourth level.

North Sea


Medusa (Cyanea capillata) is a giant jellyfish that is the leader of all jellyfish across the cold waters. This giant jellyfish is encountered while reaching to the bottom of the sea.

Medusa will appear once the screen stops moving. When the battle begins, some jellyfish will begin to attack the player. The player must shoot the head to deal damage. The battle gets harder as more jellyfish appear on the screen for dealing damage. Medusa will also damage the player for not shooting the head by doing a charge attack. This attack can only be cancelled by shooting the head.

West Ocean


Basilosaurus (Basilosaurus) is a prehistoric whale that is based on the real-life mammal of the same name. This prehistoric whale is encountered after killing the last batch of underwater scorpions (Pterygotus).

The pattern is very similar to Naga. Except, this sea creature will perform zig-zag moves.



Kerberos (Carcharadon carcharias) is a trio of great white sharks that look like White Death. These sharks are encountered during the first part of the final stage.

The pattern is the same, but the exception is three sharks must be battled. To avoid damage, the best thing to do is to shoot the shark closer to you.


Umi-Bozu (Thaumoctopus mimicus) is an octopus with the ability to camouflage. This octopus is encountered after killing the three sharks.

The pattern is the same as Scylla and Kraken, except the battle is faster. After dealing enough damage, Umi-Bozu will be seen doing a charge attack. This battle is harder than the previous fight, because of switching directions.

Black Dragon

The black dragon (Amblyrhynchus cristatus) is an impostor that looks like a statue, but is actually an underwater marine iguana. This lizard is found upon after killing Umi-Bozu.

The pattern is the same as the optional mini-boss, except the black dragon is harder to kill. This is because this lizard has increased health and speed.

Vritra and Kaliya

Vritra and Kaliya (Regalecus glesne) are the last mini-bosses that are very similar to Naga. They are the guardians of Panthalassa. These two are encountered after killing the black dragon.

The pattern is very similar to Naga, but the difference is there is more than one serpent fish. To avoid damage, the best way to do so is to stun the first one and then the second one so that both serpents could be in low health.


  • Texcoco Great Lake is the only stage not to have any mini-bosses.

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