You are not a man!
~ Mingrawn Timbletot rejecting Commander Video.

Mingrawn Timbletot is the main antagonist of BIT.TRIP RUNNER, it's sequel BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien and BIT.TRIP FATE. He is being describe as "maniacal" and "fiendish" by the narrative of BIT.TRIP Runner 2. He can also being consider as the BIT.TRIP franchise's main antagonist, due to being the only notable character blatantly opposing Commander Video.

Despite his statue as the as the protagonist nemesis, Timbletot's motives and his feud with Commander Video are never explicitly explain.


Mingrawn Timbletot first oppose Commander Video at the end of Impetus. He tries to stop him with a huge Cristal machine by creating obstacles in the commander's path. He is defeated after the commander wreck his machine and drove of in the background. He is later see at the rooftop of Triumph, the final level of game. It is implied here that he is the source of the commander's problems and try to escape the protagonist's reach. However, with the help of his friends, Commander Video put a stop the Timbletot's actions. At the end of the credits, Commander Video attempt to make peace with is arch-nemesis by befriending him, only to be rejecting by Mingrawn proclaiming that he is not a man.

Then, Mingrawn Timbletot try to get away in the Hypersphere. He tries to get rid of Commander Video and his friends by trapping them in a realm between light and matter with a "Reality Unfusion Beam". The attack was block by Commander Video, trapping him in the say realm. The Timbletot then attempts to keep the commander there forever by guarding the exit of each world. The protagonist however escape into the BIT. TRIP, rendering Timbletot's efforts null and void.

Annoyed by his multiple defeats, Timbletot actively tries to put a definitive end to Commander Video with an endless barrage of minions. His evil actions eventually corrupt and enrage Commander Video to the point of setting their eminent fall. He his killed by Commander Video in their final confrontation when the commander tackle him, killing Commander Video as well in the process.


  • A formation of beats shape like Mingrawn Timbletot is seen in BIT.TRIP BEAT, three games before his official debut.