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Mingrawn Timbletot as he appears in BIT. TRIP Runner

You! Are! Not! A! Man!
~ Mingrawn Timbletot only line of the entire BIT.TRIP series
Migrawn Timbletot is Commander Video's nemesis and the main antagonist of both BIT. TRIP Runner 1 and 2 and BIT. TRIP Fate. Nothing is much know about him except his hate about the commander, even when it is unknown why.

Mingrawn Timbletot as he appears in BIT. TRIP Fate

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 9.52.28 PM

Mingrawn Timbletot as he appears in Runner2

BIT. TRIP Runner

Mingrawn frist appears as the boss of the first world, Impetus. He try to block the commander path by sending random obsticles. Then he appers as the boss of the final level of Tenacity: The Source. He is seen running away from Commander Video. He is also present in the cutscene after the credit rejecting the commander love.


Mingrawn's hate for the hero is actually the only know reason for the actions he made in this sequel. In order to get is revange over is nemesis, Timbletot send his minions to kill him. The commander first try to battle Migrawn's hate with the power of love, overhere he progressely getting corrupt by what he battle against, resuting by sacrifing himself in order to kill Mingrawn Timbletot instead of trying, once again, to reform him.

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