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Mingella (Fullname: Mingella Winkybunion), also known as Mingy, is one of the villains in the video game; Banjo-Tooie. She's one of Gruntilda's sisters.


Mingella is a tall, and thin witch. Like her sister, Mingella has green skin, and wears a black sleeveless dress, and a black witch hat. Unlike her sisters, however, Mingella has long pink hair. Mingella is almost always seen with her spellbook in her possessions.


Two years after Gruntilda's defeat by the hands of Banjo and Kazooie, Mingella, along with her sister; Blobbelda appeared with the Hag 1. Mingella, with a little help from Blobbelda, casted a spell on the rock to help their sister escape her burial. Noticing Gruntilda's new appearance, both Mingy and Blobbelda decided to help Grunty regain her youth.

It was later revealed that the three witches created a weapon called the B.O.B.. Mingella began to demonstrate the B.O.B., while at the same time asking Gruntilda to stop with the rhyming. They demonstrated the power of the B.O.B. by sucking all the life force out of King Jingaling. After successfully sucking the life out of Jingaling, Gruntilda wanted to continue to suck the life force out all the resident in the Isle O' Hags, but Mingella stated that it would take awhile to activate B.O.B again.

When Banjo and Kazooie reached the Cauldron Keep, they entered a game show known as the Tower of Tragedy, hosted by Gruntilda. Both Mingella and Blobbelda were also attending the game show as well. After answering a series a questions, Banjo managed to acquire enough points to win the game, however the loser with the lowest amount of point would get crushed by a giant weight, meaning that both Blobbelda and Mingella were killed during the game show.


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