Mine is a character appearing in the anime Karneval and a Varuga whom was disguised as the very rich, very possessive lady of Karasuna.


Mine has a light complexion, green eyes, and a dusty purplish-brown colored hair. She usually wears an oriental headdress and a long dress. The color scheme (in order from most to least used) is teal, light blue, yellow.


Mine as she prepares to seduce Nai


She appeared to be very demanding. She also got angry easily, such as when Nai said that he felt horrible when she was sitting on him and called her heavy- which also indicated she cared about her appearance and weight, meaning she was very vain.



When Nai was brought to her via slavery, she attempted to molest him.


Mine seems to be associated with Palnedo, as she can be seen with him and Uro after the destruction of her mansion. She appears to have a business relationship with him, or at least shares an affiliation with Kafka.


Lady Mine's arms can lengthen and grow joints, the extensions enabling her to reach very far. Her hands can also grow in size, making them frightening weapons.