Mindy Red Eyes 2

Mindy McCobb is the main villainess in "It's Only a Movie", the 28th episode of Ghost Stories. She was played by Kim O'Mara.


Mindy McCobb is a famous horror actress who has a huge fan in the form of Joey Howell, a video store employee who is a big horror fan but constantly complains about the lack of shock value in horror movies. She visits Joey's store and invites him to appear in her latest movie, where she plays an evil entity known as the "Fear Mistress." During filming, Joey notices that Mindy's eyes have a red glow, but Mindy insists that it's the lighting. However, when the director's eyes have that same red glow and an actress playing a victim has died for real, Joey realizes something's terribly wrong. He sees Mindy lunge at him with those same red eyes and runs away in terror. During the chase, Mindy taunts Joey; stating that she knows about Joey's complaints about hardly being scared of horror films, and that she's giving him a real scare with his appearance in her "movie." Though it is clear that Mindy does possess supernatural powers, the episode doesn't reveal what type of evil entity she really is.