Minatek is a Dozer-class F.R.E.A.K and one of the many killing-machines found in the video game Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. - he takes his name from the legendary Minotaur, which he vaguely resembles.


Minatek is the final incarnation of the Synthoid, a sad reminder to the other warriors what will eventually happen to them.

Aside from his brain, Minatek's entire body has been replaced by mechanical parts and heavy armor. At first his arms and legs were replaced as his regenerating factor faded. A few battles later the healing factor had totally eroded and armor and weapons replaced the rest of his body.

Minatek was one of the first Synthoids created by Micro-Gene, nearly the largest corporation involved in the games. During his years with the company, he won Kentucky and Illinois. His path crossed desperately close to Delta in the Midwest, a Freak whose arm he took in battle. Soon after, he was purchased by the state of Missouri and the Anhieser Robotics Co., resulting in his boorish bull look.

During battle, Minatek utilizes his secret weapons to throw off his opponents. Not only are they powerful, but they're unexpected as well, something a slow-moving Dozer must rely upon. Few of his attacks utilize his jet pack, but the ones that do (such as the aerial shock wave and the jet uppercut) offer massive damage. His most devious attack is the mace cannon, a weapon that fires from his ball and chain. Also up his sleeve is a guided missile attack that puts him in command of the projectile but leaves him open to a fast moving opponent who can dodge the missile and attack.

Despite being 99% mechanical, Minatek still has a will, and yearns to join the underground resistance to free the Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. before they all suffer as he has. Between rounds, during scans of his bio-drive, scientists were infuriated to see his thoughts about joining the resistance, and he has been punished several times as a result. No details exist about the punishment, but it's got to be pretty brutal to affect a giant metallic monster like Minatek.

The scientists at Anhieser Robotics were searching for a way of interrupting the Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.' free will when Micro-Gene introduced Sabotage, featuring the exact technology that Anhieser attempted.

A plot to steal the technology is in order and may require a more agile (and willing) warrior than Minatek.