Min Joon-gook is main villain of Korean legal-fantasy series I Hear Your Voice is a murderer of Park Soo-ha's father who got revenge against Jang Hye-sung who testified against him and released after 12 years

10 Years ago

Joon-gook's wife was dying, her heart was weak and in need to be replaced. He had saved enough money to procure a transplant operation, but one hour before the surgery took place Soo-ha's mother received the heart because of Soo-ha's father's persuasion. Joon-gook's wife later died due to not receiving a new heart.

Years later, he sought revenge on Soo-ha's newly-widowed father. He had crashed into Soo-ha's car, disabling, but not killing them. In order to finish the job, he brings out a blunt weapon (what seems to be a sledge hammer) to kill the two. After killing Soo-ha's father, he goes towards Soo-ha, but he was stopped after Hye-sang took a picture of him. He is brought to trial and found guilty, but swore his life to killing Hye-sang because she testified against him.

Later on it is found that his mother and son died because of starvation.

Release and Revenge

Joon-gook met Jang Hye-sang's mother, who became his employer, in order to fulfill his revenge on Hye-sang. He later killed Hye-sang's mother, whilst feigning innocence. Joon-gook, acting as if he had tried to save Hye-sang's mother, was tried for murder and arson. His attorney, Cha Gwan-woo, pleaded his innocence after Joon-gook faked a suicide in order to apologize to Hye-sang and Soo-ha. Min was determined innocent by the judge and was later released.

After Soo-ha said his farewell to Hye-sang, Min and Soo-ha fight in a parking lot. Soo-ha and Hye-sang were both stabbed, but Min escaped before anyone arrived.

1 Year Later

After the discovery of his a dismembered hand, Joon-gook, is pronounced dead and Soo-ha proclaimed as the murderer. Though, during the trial, it was discovered that he was still alive and using an elaborate plan to divert attention from himself and towards Soo-ha. After he was discovered and Soo-ha was declared not guilty, he kidnapped Hye-sang in order to lure Soo-ha. He tried to coerce Soo-ha into killing him, so he could turn Soo-ha into someone like himself, but wasn't able to.

Joon-gook is later caught and brought to trial, but instead of the death penalty, it was adjusted to life in prison, thanks to Gwan-woo's opposition.