The Mimikar is the titular main antagonist of the Dragon Hunters episode "Gland of the Mimikar". It is a humongous, fire-breathing dragon. The Mimikar is the last of his kind, thus his species is extinct at the end of the episode.


At some point, the Dragon Hunters are employed to kill the Bucaramanga. Although they successfully kill the dragon, Lian Chu is hit by the dragon's spiked tail and poisoned. Gwizdo and Hector bring Lian Chu to a doctor who reveals that Lian Chu has been affected by Bucaramanga poison, causing his body to slowly freeze from the bottom up. He tells Gwizdo that the only antidote can be fabricated from the Mimikar Gland. To save Lian Chu, Gwizdo and Hector set out alone to find a Mimikar.

After reading about the Mimikar Gwizdo realises the enormous size of the dragon. Nontheless, he is forced to set out to hunt the dragon in order to save Lian Chu.

Arriving on the planet they land inside a burnt forest. Hector uses his senses to find the Mimikar's scent, leading the Dragon Hunters to the Mimikar's lair. When Gwizdo prepares to enter the cave, the Mimikar leaves the cave instead. It breathes fire at the dragon hunters but is unable to lower his head deep enough to kill the Dragon Hunters due to his gigantic gland. The small inhabitants of the island then arrive and Gwizdo, intending to make a fortune, offers to kill the dragon. However, the inhabitants reveal that the Mimikar is sacred to them, as the Mimikar's eggs are their only food source, and they imprison the Dragon Hunters. Before they can execute them, one of the villagers returns and reveals that the Mimikar has stopped laying eggs. To appease the dragon the inhabitants intend to sacrifice the Dragon Hunters.

They tie the Dragon Hunters up on a giant rack and then leave after blowing a horn to lure the Mimikar. The gargantuan dragon apporaches, happy about the meal. However, Lian Chu breaks free and uses the rest of his strength to break the rack. Seing that the Dragon Hunters are free, the Mimikar starts crying. To save his friend, Gwizdo throws a sharp remainder of the rack into the Mimikar's gland, knocking out the dragon and causing a burst of antidote to leak out of the gland.

When they return, the villagers try to attack the Dragon Hunters but are intimidated by Lian Chu. The Mimikar also regains consciousness and, now without his glands, breathes fire at the inhabitants. Gwizdo uses the oppurtunity to force the inhabitants into signing a contract and Lian Chu kills the Mimikar. For once, the Dragon Hunters are paid well for a job and arrive at home with two large bags of gold.