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Mimey is a character who appeared in the Grojband episode "Myme Disease". He is a street performer that leads an Army of Mimes. He got in a fight with Grojband over the spot in the middle of the park after Statue Steve was taken away from it. He leads an Amry of Mimes which he used to attack the band.


Mimey is a shirt mime with a face painted white with black eyeliner and gray lipstick. He has a black mullet and a red beret. He has a black and white striped shirt and overalls with red straps and big gray pants. His arms and legs unlike his face, are not painted white. He also wears white gloves and black shoes.


Mimey is very dedicated to his job of being a mime given that he never speaks and that he would go though the trouble of leading an army to take over Grojband's spot in Central Park.

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